SIGG Switzerland AG is a well-known name for aluminum bottles with mountaineers, hikers and campers. The company was founded by Ferdinand Sigg und Xavier Kung under the name Kung, Sigg & Cie in 1908, Biel, Switzerland.

Since 1988, the company has concentrated on manufacture aluminium water bottles in Switzerland. The bottles have the same diameter head and thread system that allow interchangeability of bottles and caps. There are normal screw cap with loop, sports bottle cap, cap that glow in the dark markers and cap with added proctection from dust.

Over the years,SIGG has expanded and launched new range products.

2013, SIGG added stainless steel water bottle collection. These insulated collection allow them to keep the water in either cold or hot temperatures for several hours. Compared to aluminium, stainless steel does not required inner liner to protect the liquids and more resistant against dents and stratches.

In 2014, the company started manufacturing high-grade 100% recyclable Polypropylene. These bottles are BPA free and the transparency of the bottle allow the user to see inside. This product is design against dent and scratches.

2015, glass bottle material was added to their collection. The glass bottle has two walls of heat resistant borosilicate glass and a wide mouth opening to allow addition ice cubes. The body of the bottle has a removable silicone elements for a better grip and a base with shock absorbing strips. The silicone also protect the bottle from breaking. The advantage of the twin wall is when we have cold drinks the outer wall does not build up condensation and when use with hot drink, we will not hurt our hand.

SIGG water bottle stands for stylish, durability and functionality. 

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