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Heebie Jeebies Superscope

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- 3 parfocal objective lenses
- Huge 400x magnification
- 2 LED light sources
- Powered by AA batteries (not included)

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Heebie Jeebies

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The Heebie Jeebies Superscope is the easiest to use microscope on the market. The SuperScope is a dual functioning biological microscope that incorporates modified objectives with dual cool LED illumination! It has a 10x eyepiece with 4x/10x/40x objective lenses, giving 40x/100x/400x magnification

With the bottom illumination it functions as a regular microscope, and is used with slides and other transparent media. In particular, Australian Notes are full of hidden details that show up under magnification. With top illumination it can be used almost as a mega-magnifying glass, since it can be used to see details is solid physical objects. This makes it a lot easier for children to use. It allows them to examine things immediately, without having to prepare slides. Great for looking at flowers and bugs and rocks. If you have a serious scientist in your house, this is the microscope you need.

Also comes with: 5 Plain Slides; 1 Well Slide; 4 Prepared Slides; Cover Glass; Plastic Dropper; 2 Bottles of Sttain; Slide Labels; Lens Paper; Forceps; Plastic Test Tube; Plastic Petri Dish; Straight Teasing Needle; Instruction Manual Requires 3 AA Batteries (NOT Included)


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